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Quality & Production System
Roll Packing Machines
Digital length counter meter
It consists of digital display up to 6 Digits (Meters / Yards) with encoder. Preset is possible as per settings (Machine stops automatically when it reaches input value.)
Anti-Slip Mechanism
It is based on an Italian design to eliminate slippage of counter wheel and increase accuracy.
S. S. Guide Rollers
S.S. 316 material guide rollers can be provided for no damage in fabric.
Imported Emery
For Extra Life, we provided imported rubber emery (Fillet) with respect to fabric type and process


Auto Roll weighing device
Electronic weighing system allows to get weight of fabric roll with high accuracy
Auto-Cutting device
It cuts the fabric in a straight line without manual efforts and saves time and wastage 
Auto-Doffing device
To eliminate manual efforts, fabric roll is automatically doffed on conveyor by Pneumatic Cylinder and send for final packing. 
Conveyor System
It automatically transports the fabric roll from Inspection machine to packing station
Rail Sewing System
It Automatically, joints 2 ends of fabric with butt joint sewing. Sewing machine travels from one end and returns back through sensor controls.
Selvedge shifting device
It oscillates the winding unit to produce uniform compact rolls for thick selvedge fabrics.
Data Logging System
All Defects can be entered without human error and data can be saved for future reference.
; Barcoding
Roll Data can be printer by barcode printer
Auto- Mapping Software (QPS)
After final inspection, Mapping is done by Auto generated fabric defects displayed on computer by QPS.
Foot control system
Machine can be operated by Foot and hands are free for other operations.
Fully P.L.C. Control Panel (Siemens)
All Finish fabric machines can be supplied with full P.L.C. Controls.
All types of Trolleys can be provided like, A-Frame/Big-Batching Trolley, Horseback Trolley, U-Frame, etc.