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MODEL : br+bt  
B-Tex Brushing & Beating Machine, BIM-BR+BT is reliable tool to remove working impurities from fabric. It brushes and beats the fabric and all the dust is taken away by high pressure suction device. Modular Design of BIM-BR+BT allows to fix this unit by means of just 4 bolts on any existing machine like, Stenter, Sizing, Calendar, Inspection, etc.  Adding BIM-BR+BT adds a process in your existing machine and save manpower, space and time.
Fabric Flow

  • Brushing system contains a pair of brush rolls to remove the dust and impurities to clean the fabric.
  • Beaters can also be provided with the same system
  • Tension mechanism is provided with guide rolls to increase the brushing intensity
  • High Pressure Suction & Dust Collector Device is attached to the systems
  • Compact design of the systems allows to fit the system on various existing machines on site
Feed & Delivery Option