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MODEL : nirvana  
Nirvana means peace, as the name suggests this machine will surely deliver peace of mind and quality. Nirvana is designed on guidelines of one of the Italian design of inspection system and is only supplied for inspection of finish fabric. Fully P.L.C. controls allows to synchronies the fabric at every point of flow to ensure zero stretch or elongation. Six positive driven rollers smoothly carries the fabric from start to end and delivers crease-free, compact, edge aligned presentable rolls. Nirvana delivers the same quality of fabric, which you had made with dedication and efforts but without defects.
  • Defects and incorrect sizes are easily and rapidly discovered.
  • Suitable for all types for delicate fabric like Silk, Knits and Lycra.
  • Reduces fabric waste to minimum and guarantees only high quality fabric is delivered.
  • Tensionless handling of fabric focuses on fabric care.
  • Works fast, efficient and requires only one operator.
  • Produces straight and presentable fabric rolls.
  • Fabric inlet from roll, flat fold or big batch rolls (Axial or Arm Type)
  • Fabric outlet from roll form
  • 6 Positive Driven Rolls
  • Laminated inspection table with opaque glass
  • Fabric edge guider for straight edged fabric rolls
  • Fully P.L.C. Panel
  • Double Dancing roller Mechanism
  • A. C. Inverter Drives
  • Imported Emery
  • Electronic length counter meter
  • Anti-Crease Rollers
  • Adjustable roll hardness
  • Variable illumination inside and over the table
  • Wooden platform
  • Variable speed from 0 to 70 mtrs/min
  • Full length reversing and Inching
  • Powder coated external touch
  • Digital length counter meter
  • Anti-Slip Mechanism
  • Auto- Stop at Feed
  • S. S. Guide Rollers
  • Auto Roll weighing device
  • Auto-Cutting device
  • Auto-Doffing device
  • Conveyor System
  • Selvedge shifting device
  • Data Logging System
  • Barcoding
  • Auto-Mapping Software (QPS)
  • Foot control system
  • Fully P.L.C. Control Panel (Siemens)
Feed & Delivery Option