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The B-Tex J-scray, BJM can be used as independent unit or a part of preparation line, where fabric is be accumulated and machine should run continuously. BJM is tailor made for size 150 cms to 600 cm fabric width.

It is not mandatory to fix BJM on single machine, BJM comes on wheels and so it can be easily used on any machine input or output. Stainless steel sheets ensures fabric care and BJM can store upto 350 meters of fabric. If desired, Big-Batching or plaiter unit can be attached with E+L Edge guiding system.

  • Stores fabric up to 350 meters
  • Wheels allows to move BJM on any machine input/output
  • Italian Gearbox & Motors commits long life and quality
  • Stainless steel Sheets for Fabric care
  • Works fast, efficient and requires only one operator.
  • Fabric inlet from roll or flat foldds
  • Autostoper, if machines runs out of fabric  
  • Adjustable fabric tensioning unit
  • Stainless steel sheets
  • Driven Feed Roller
  • A. C. Inverter Drive
  • Imported Emery
  • Mechanical Length Counter Meter
  • Variable speed from 0 to 80 mtrs/min
  • Powder coated external touch
  • E+L Edge guiding system
  • Delivery in Big-Batch/Plaiter
  • Digital length counter meter
  • Anti-Slip Mechanism
  • Auto- Stop at Feed
  • S. S. Guide Rollers
  • Auto Sewing Machine
  • Foot control system
Feed & Delivery Option